Theme park "WATER"


dragon ferry

The theme park "WATER" was finished in 2002 and should be now available to our "little and big"  guests of the RHÖN CAMPING-PARK.


Basic idea of the theme park "WATER" is it, to bring the nature near to the  camping guest, who wants to spend his leisure time in the nature. An essential component of this nature is the water, just in the Rhön, known as the land of thousand brooks, where the fluent water has formed the scenery and determines its today's appearance considerably.


The theme park "WATER" possess a central pond with aquatic surface approx. 1,200 ms² , it is additional surrounded on three sides by the brooks "Ulster" and "Herrenwasser". From the brook  "Herrenwasser" the central pond is filled in summer with pleasantly cool and always fresh spring water, which surges steadily over a level aquatic cascade in the central pond.


The only 40 to 100 cm deep pond can also crossed safely by the dragon ferry even from non-swimmers.



theme park "WATER" in summertime

watercastle - builded up in natural stones - rises in the central pond and separated by a castle ditch to the adjoining play meadow and sunbathing area. In the castle tower, called "Herrenwasserturm", you can find a dungeon, which only can be reached via hidden tunnels within the watercastle.


Vis-à-vis to the watercastele a small pirate´s island is liing just in the middle of the central pond, which can be reached via step stones.  Beyond this connection the mainland and the island are also connected by the "island phone" with wihich not only children can talk together - even in whisper.


The theme park is complemented with a geologic teaching path, equiped with natural stone exhibits, which come all from the closer surroundings, which make visible the "multilayered" geology of the Rhön for a time span more than 250 million years. To this teaching path encloses a artificial "dry river bed-area" in which children can play with gravel and sand.




theme park "WATER" in wintertime

Not only during summer the theme park "WATER" invites to many-sided leisure activities, also during winter the frozen pond can be used as a natural ice rink for ice skating or curling.